Code Quantum 2021 Virtual!

October 23 - 24, 2021

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About Us

  • What is CodeQuantum?

    CodeQuantum is San Antonio’s first 24-hour hackathon geared towards marginalized genders to promote inclusivity and diversity! Organized by the ACM-W chapter at UTSA, CodeQuantum is dedicated to creating a safe hacking space for students in the tech field . This first iteration of CodeQuantum will be expecting 100 hackers.

  • About Us

    Association of Computing - Women's Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio is an all-inclusive organization focused on creating an engaging academic, professional, and social network for women and minorities in technology. Our purpose is to connect students with leaders and encourage them to pursue career opportunities in computing fields and to mentor for academic and professional success.

The Tracks


General Track

This track is for all hackers! From hardware, to software, or anything in between, come build whatever your heart desires! The general track is for those who have a bit of programming experience and don't need much guidance. However, hackers of all skill levels are welcomed and supported!


Beginner Track

This track is for those who are new to hackathons and don't know how to code! The beginner track starts with an intro to hackathon workshop right before the opening ceremony and includes beginner friendly workshops that will help you be successful at CodeQuantum! No coding experience needed!

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The Location

  • Code Quantum 2021 will be held virtually! Keep any eye out on how to join our platform as we get close to the day of the hackathon.

The Schedule

The F.A.Q.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a technology focused event where individuals can come together and work on new projects in a short period of time. During this period you can build anything you want, an app, a robot, a website, the only limitation is your imagination! CodeQuantum will be a 24 hour hackathon that is filled with mini events, workshops, and hacking! ✨

What can you do at CodeQuantum?

Make Friends: We have a few events lined up for those hackers who want a break and want to have fun! Our events will allow you to meet new friends, get creative, and make memories you won't forget! ✨

Learn New Skills: CodeQuantum aims to provide not only a safe hacking space for participants but also to provide a learning experience for everyone! We plan to accomplish this by providing fun and informative workshops! ✨

Expand Your Network!: We have a few sponsors that you are able to network with! CodeQuantum also will have mentors that will be available to work closely with hackers throughout the event. They will be able to assist with questions and problem solve with hackers on their projects! ✨

Earn Prizes: What is a hackathon without prizes?! We have some awesome prizes for the winners in the General and Beginner tracks. Hackers are also eligible to win smaller prizes during the team building and workshop events! ✨

Who can attend CodeQuantum?

You may register as a hacker if you identify as a marginalized gender including, but not limited to, cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, gender neutral individuals, genderqueer individuals, agender individuals, pangender individuals, or a gender who is otherwise underrepresented in tech. You must be a college student/recent graduate in the United States that is above 18+!✨

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don't! You do not need any background in technology to join, everyone is welcome! Students of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, we are very beginner friendly and are prepared to guide you through this years event!✨

Why a hackathon for marginalized genders?

Historically, people of marginalized genders have been underrepresented in the tech world. To change that, CodeQuantum has been established to cultivate an environment where those of systematically oppressed gender identities can be empowered and explore technology! ✨

What if I am not a marginalized gender but still want to participate?

This hackathon is geared towards marginalized genders only, which means you won't be able to become a hacker. However, our workshops and some special events (will be released later) will be available for those who are interested in joining! You won't be able to submit a project, get SWAG, or earn prizes, but you'll be able to learn alongside our hackers! Follow our social media to get notified when workshops and events are open for you!✨

How much does it cost to attend CodeQuantum?

CodeQuantum is FREE for all participants thanks to our amazing sponsors!✨

How big are teams?

There will be a max up to 4 students per team. You can also work alone, but we encourage every hacker to collaborate with the other great minds at CodeQuantum. ✨

Where will CodeQuantum be held?

This year, CodeQuantum will be held online! We are operating out of The University of Texas at San Antonio, so follow us on our social media to get sneak peaks of what's to come! ✨

What will a virtual hackathon look like?

All communication will be via Discord, opening and closing ceremonies will be streamed, and workshops and hacker events will be on Zoom! We will make sure to send attendees a detailed guide with a schedule of all workshops and how to access them. ✨

What is SWAG and will I get some?

SWAG is a form of branded merchandise that is given away to our hackers as a way to say thanks for innovating with us! We will be sending out a form to gather your shipping information during the event, so be on the lookout for that! ✨

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The Team

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Lisette Isais
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Izzy Montemayor
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Christopher De Leon
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Meet our Sponsors

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